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Unveiling the Cost of Augmented Reality (AR) Development with Abhiwan Technology

Abhiwan Technology AR Services
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing industries by offering immersive digital experiences. However, as businesses consider integrating AR into their strategies, understanding the cost implications becomes crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the cost breakdown of AR development, with insights from Abhiwan Technology, a leading provider of AR solutions.

Types of Augmented Reality Applications:

  • Projection-based AR:

    • Utilizes video projection to display data, such as images, onto the surface of 3D objects.

    • Allows users to freely move within the environment, enhancing interaction.

    • Ideal for showcasing high-quality images that traditional lighting may not adequately display.

  • Marker-based AR:

    • Identifies physical images, 3D models, and markers through AR apps.

    • Utilizes the back camera of mobile devices to track various markers.

  • Markerless AR:

    • Scans the surrounding environment without requiring specific markers.

    • Relies on camera, device location, and accelerometer data for operation.

    • A major type of virtual reality, offering immersive experiences based on real-world environments.

  • Location-based AR:

    • Relies on GPS, digital compass, and smartphone cameras to track the user's location.

    • Maps digital content onto the real-world environment, generating objects when the user enters predefined locations.

  • Superimposition AR:

    • Alters the view of an object, either partially or fully replacing it using AR technology.

    • Enables the augmentation of the surrounding environment, providing users with a unique and enhanced experience.

Things to Consider for Building an Augmented Reality App Cost:

Selecting the Right AR App Development Tools:

When embarking on AR development, choosing the appropriate tools is paramount for the success and cost of AR development. Abhiwan Technology recommends the following top-rated AR app development tools:


Ratings (G2)


Platform Support



- Offers several trackable targets

- Supports Android, iOS, Windows

- Capable of classifying images, objects, and environments

- Utilizes cloud-based recognition services



- Combines multiple functions for an immersive AR experience

- Exclusive to iOS

- Utilizes the front or back cameras of iOS smartphones



- Facilitates a shared AR experience for simplified networking tasks

- Exclusively for iOS

- Offers scalable performance using GPU technology

Conducting In-depth Market Research on the Cost Of AR Development :

Thorough market research is essential to understand user preferences and refine app features. Abhiwan Technology suggests the following steps for effective market research:

  • Analyze similar applications on the Google Play Store and App Store to identify features and areas for improvement.

  • Evaluate the UI/UX, performance, and features of various AR applications to ensure a superior app experience for users.

Aligning Requirements:

After conducting market research, it's crucial to align app requirements with business objectives. Consider the following requirements:

  • Define the features to include in the app to meet user needs and expectations.

  • Decide on the type of mobile app to create, whether native, hybrid, or web-based.

  • Select the app development platform, considering iOS, Android, and AR platforms to reach a wider audience.

Defining the Development Process:

Determine the appropriate development approach, whether to engage an AR app development company like Abhiwan Technology or assemble a dedicated in-house development team. Clarify requirements with the chosen team and establish clear communication channels to avoid misunderstandings and ensure project success.

Costing of AR Development | Abhiwan Technology
Education Based AR (AR -Chick)

Understanding the Cost of Augmented Reality Development

The cost breakdown is essential for businesses planning AR projects. Abhiwan Technology breaks down the costs into three categories based on complexity: Simple AR Applications, Medium-sized AR Applications, and Complex AR Applications. Let's examine these in detail.

AR App Complexity

Average Cost Range

Simple AR Application

$6,000 - $20,000

Medium-sized AR App

$20,000 - $100,000

Complex AR Application

$100,000 - $300,000+

  • Simple AR Applications:

Simple AR apps involve basic functionalities and typically cost between $6,000 to $20,000. These apps may include marker-based experiences or basic overlays.
  • Medium-sized AR Applications:

Medium-sized AR apps offer more functionalities like object recognition or interactive elements. Costs range from $20,000 to $100,000 depending on complexity.
  • Complex AR Applications:

Complex AR apps push boundaries with advanced features such as real-time environment mapping or integration with cutting-edge technologies. Costs can exceed $100,000, reaching up to $300,000 or more.

Geographical Influences on AR Development Costs:

Geographical location significantly influences development costs. Abhiwan Technology provides hourly rates for different regions and costs for AR development:


Cost ($/hour)

North America

$60 - $275


$55 - $150


$35 - $170

South America

$45 - $150

Central Europe

$22 - $160


$15 - $120

Is AR App Development Worth the Investment?

Businesses contemplating AR development may question its return on investment. Abhiwan Technology asserts the following:

User Engagement and Revenue Generation:

AR apps crafted by Abhiwan Technology bolster user engagement, fostering stronger brand affinity and driving increased sales conversions.

Industry Applications and Growth Potential:


Abhiwan Technology's proficiency in AR extends to the manufacturing sector, where AR solutions can revolutionize operations. By integrating AR apps developed by Abhiwan Technology, manufacturers can enhance productivity, facilitate error-free processes, and streamline complex problem-solving tasks.


In the realm of education, Abhiwan Technology's AR expertise enables the transformation of traditional learning experiences. Through interactive 3D models and visualizations, AR apps developed by Abhiwan Technology make education more engaging and effective, catering to diverse learning styles and fostering deeper understanding.


Abhiwan Technology's AR solutions offer immense potential for the healthcare industry, facilitating improved diagnostics, patient education, and treatment outcomes. By leveraging AR apps developed by Abhiwan Technology, healthcare providers can enhance patient understanding of medical procedures, improve efficiency, and deliver superior care.


The retail sector stands to benefit significantly from Abhiwan Technology's AR capabilities. AR apps developed by Abhiwan Technology can enhance the retail experience by offering virtual try-ons, increasing consumer confidence, and driving sales. By leveraging AR technology, retailers can create immersive shopping experiences that differentiate their brand and drive customer engagement.

Competitive Advantage and Innovation:

Embracing AR technology with Abhiwan Technology's guidance establishes businesses as pioneers, standing out in competitive markets and driving innovation. By offering unique AR experiences, businesses captivate audiences, foster engagement, and differentiate themselves from competitors. With Abhiwan Technology's expertise, businesses continually innovate, staying ahead of trends and maintaining a leading edge in dynamic industries.

In each of these industries, Abhiwan Technology's AR solutions empower businesses to align with industry-specific needs and objectives, unlocking new revenue streams and driving growth through innovation and enhanced operational efficiency.

Case Studies and Success Stories:

Abhiwan Technology's portfolio showcases successful implementations of AR across various industries, demonstrating tangible benefits and ROI.


Navigating the Costing of Augmented Reality Development is essential for businesses considering integration. Abhiwan Technology provides comprehensive insights and solutions tailored to meet diverse needs and objectives. With expertise spanning industries and a track record of success, Abhiwan Technology is a trusted partner for businesses embarking on their AR journey. Embracing AR technology with Abhiwan Technology opens doors to innovation, enhanced user experiences, and sustainable growth in an increasingly digital world.

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