AR VR Related Projects

"Here are some offerings related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality.
Our expertise is ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Google Cardboard."

Virtual Reality - Air Purifier

Case Study :

Develop a virtual reality solution to show the end-user that how unseen air pollutant particle is effective the life of him and his dear ones and how an air purifier can help him.

Solutions :

We develop this Virtual reality app in which end-user will experience the tiny air pollutants which are available at his home at various points like a doormat, curtains, pets hairs, kitchen which could not be seen with naked eyes in real-time. In the end, showing the user how air purifiers are useful to remove all pollutants.

This puts a great impact on end-user because we generally believe after seeing things with our own eyes.

Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

Case study :

Develop a VR app to help end user to learn driving regulations, practice driving and perform driving test.


We develop this virtual reality app with oculus rift and Logitech steering wheel & pedals so that users can learn driving basics, regulations, and practice again and again without thinking of failure. With various scenarios and totally immersive experience, the end-user can experience every situation in an immersive world before putting himself on real driving.

Virtual Reality Educational Simulation

Case Study:

To help students to learn about the solar system with more immersive way.


We develop this VR simulation of solar system in which user will experience all the planets, stars, galaxy more closely. It is journey of user from earth to the galaxy where user can control using the 6 directional controller, along with Clicking on any object will give you a detailed description about it. 

We have used PICO VR headset for this simulation.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 11.40.30 AM.png

Virtual Art Gallery

Case Study:

Create a Virtual Art gallery where user can take the experience of Art gallery using an App.


We developed this Virtual Art Gallery product for one of our esteemed client. In this Virtual Art Gallery, we do have around 100 artworks, 3 different locations ad few Videos.

With features like Zoom and Zoom out and smooth transition flow, it makes the user interface great.

This application runs on PC, Web, mobile.


Game Development Projects

We have rich experience in developing 2d Games, 3d Games, Multiplayer Games, Gambling Games, Cards Games, Casual games, Educational Games. Here are some of our recent games.We

Teen Patti - The Legends Game

Case Study :

Client needs a card game "Teen patti" with real money and full access control from Admin panel.


We develop the game using Photon Multiplayer in Unity3d with Backend in PHP Laravel. Users can also chat to each other within game.

Graphics quality are of so high standard. For payment mediums, High security and encryptions are used. Admin can see all the reports and analytics at backend for each user.

Pyago Game

Case Study :

Create a casual game with deadly zombies inject killing tiny and innocent goodies.


In this game, we have three types of game play 1. Zap 2. Blitz 3 Maze.

A game where some flying zombie insects will shoot a fire ball to destroy those tiny goodies, but you have to select maximum no of same colored goodie like candy crush to kill those zombies. Very addictive.

Multiple levels, High graphics, Different type of powerups make this game very addictive. 

Fighting Game

Case Study:

Create a 3D Street Fighting Game with fighting AI integrated for Single Player and Multiplayer.


With the inbuilt fighting sequence AI integrated, This game is developed with Photon Realtime and Unity3D for multiple platforms like WebGL, PC and Mobile.

With multiplayer, two different player can fight to each other or fight to other together in a team.

8 Ball Pool Game

Case Study:

Develop a 8 Pool game with tournament mode with multiple pools table and cues.


We develop this most popular game among youths, We do have following features in this.

Play 1-1 with your Facebook friends

Play tournaments with players from different countries and compete for great prizes

Many pool tables, many cues and lots of fun.

Redeem your Notes in store for products you love

Ludo Casino Game

Case Study:

To Develop the most popular household game of South Asia with Real Money through Paytm and Full Admin Control.


In the Ludo game, It has following modes 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, BOT (Play with CPU), Offline Mode.

For the Real money, We do have PayTM integration in this using APIs.

There is a full admin panel to control each user activity.

-Full analytical reporting

-Diamonds Usage for dice throw

-Chat with users

-Predefined texts for chat

Slickrun - Infinite Running Game

Case Study:

Develop 2D infinite running game with power-ups.


We developed this 2D infinite running game with very high riched graphics, It has multiple characters and many powerups.

Some of the features are locked with a certain score. This game was developed for iOS and Android platform.


Happy Ball

Case Study:

Develop 2D inclined physics based for game.


This game is based on inclined physics 

The basic theme of the game is like, the user will set the plane inclination using the slider and once he will fix that ball will move over it with the respected speed.

Once the ball will reach the sad face, it will earn the point otherwise game over will be there.

The app have InApps and Ads.


Mobile App Development

We have great experience in developing Mobiles Apps using technologies like  Native Android, native iOS, React, Flutter Xamarin and Unity3D as well.


Case Study:

Develop a meditation-inspired, cognitive training game for the purpose of neuroscience.


This app is a tablet-based, meditation-inspired, cognitive training game aimed at improving self-regulation of internal attention and distractions. It was created to make benefits of concentrative meditation more easily accessible to anyone, including complete novices. This is achieved by creating a game that yields quantifiable and attainable goals, provides feedback, and includes an adaptive algorithm to gradually increase difficulty as users improve

Interview MCQ & Quiz

Case Study:

Develop interview mockups based app for multiple technologies.


With this app provides you more than 10000+ refind technical interview questions with answers that are mostly asked in Job interviews in many MNC's and software development companies like TCS, HCL, Accenture, etc.

In this Job interview preparation app, we have covered 400+ programming languages stacks and tools interview questions that are beneficial for both freshers and experienced programmers, developers, UI engineers, DevOps and Data Science experts.

Gramoday Sankalp

Case Study:

Develop a disseminate information, innovations, studies and analysis of Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt. of India.


Gramoday Sankalp is a quarterly magazine from Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt. of India. It aims to disseminate information, innovations, studies and analysis. The app will provide seamless access to the magazine even when you are not connected to the internet.


Web Designs and Web Development Projects

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