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Get Ready, The Next Station is Metaverse!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Think about A Place, A World of Imagination that Takes you Through Reality! What is Metaverse?

For beginners, explaining METAVERSE is difficult to ask for, but we can all agree that there’s been a plenty of Blaha! Blah! about it, but at the end of the day, would you be able to explain the concept of METAVERSE to your father or even grand-father as it is not exactly in existence, which is why it can be a little confusing, but still, a lot of people/companies are working in this direction, for example, Facebook, which is now known as Meta. They’re working really hard on it, and they recently employed 10,000 people to help them meet their goal. There is still a lot of research and trial & error going on. Let's not overcomplicate things. If I put this in simple words, METAVERSE is a virtual place that can be shared with a large number of people at the same time, anywhere, at any time, and it is hyper-realistic, immersive, and interactive. METAVERSE is achievable thanks to AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). There may be several virtual worlds in a metaverse, where people can engage in a range of activities that are both real and virtual. It won’t be like what you’re doing right now. Instead of looking at a computer, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in all of your online activities, including shopping, seeing friends and family, having a date, watching a performance, and even completing official paperwork. Everything you see will be connected but in a virtual form. You will have your own AVATARS which can be customized as per your choice.

IS IT GOOD OR BAD? Every coin has two phases. Similarly, it also has a few advantages as well as a few limitations: Do you know we at Abhiwan Technology has created our own metaverse which is called the

Jupiter Metaverse” — It is a Blockchain Experience-based game on the Store App Environment. Now talking about its features it has many features that can really blow your mind: Feature 1- Multiplayer It has an environment in which you can play and interact with more than one person. It transforms stereo information into visual information. It gives an opportunity where you can be free and do multiple tasks and also create friends (like boyfriends and girlfriends).

Feature 2 – Avatars

Ever heard of the movie “Avatars”. Where you can go transform into a fictional Sci-Fi character but controlling it from a human body. Yes that could be possible but here, You have to choose from different avatars where you will be able to change the avatar according to what you like and also you will be able to find your avatar in 3D object rotation.

Feature 3 - Online Communications

There are different designs of communications with other users inside the 3D environment. More simple and accessible might be online communication. The limitations here is that it might be limited to just video games only, you might not be able to go outside in the real world and communicate with the other person in real life. That could reallllllly be a problem!!


Now, after reading all about the metaverse it’s common to ask a question – “Where is METAVERSE? And how can I enter into it?”

Imagine if I will give you two pills –

A red - "It will allow you to go to the future and experience the METAVERSE."
A blue - "It will allow you to experience it now."

I can definitely guess your choice i.e., BLUE PILL (Being able to feel it now). Isn’t it correct? HAHA! I know what you were thinking…..

Well, initially you will need the hardware and, the best part of this is you actually don’t need to go out and buy an expensive VR to experience it. Your smartphone is just enough to enter the world of METAVERSE.

A phone is fine for a sneak-peek, but if you want the whole experience, you should invest in a VR headset or, if you don’t want to go that far, a pair of AR smart glasses would work. Now as the emerging technologies you could also be able to experience the world of METAVERSE in PC as well.

The META (Facebook) company is working very hard to develop this and they are also producing high-quality VR(s). Something similar is also cooking up in our company at Abhiwan Technology.

Conclusion Well so now you must have a well versed knowledge about the METAVERSE and let me tell you the metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the whole creative sector; their appearance is just the start of something that will seem commonplace to future generations. Its full potential has yet to be seen. But for now if you are looking for something related to creating your OWN METAVERSE, We’re here to help you just click on KNOW MORE!!

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