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Create Immersive Experience with the New Type of TOKEN !!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Imagine that you are buying anything online and then you go to the checkout page, you then click on the mode of payment through which you are going to buy that item, but wait that doesn't mean everyone on the internet knows that the item you bought is yours. Here comes the new type of token where you can purchase anything and everyone on the internet knows that it belongs to you.

Isn’t it INTERESTING?? What is NFT?

The term "NFT" stands for non-fungible tokens. If something is non-fungible, this means that it cannot be replaced or exchanged for something of identical value. As an example of the assets that NFTs can represent include in-game items like avatars, digital and non-digital collectibles, domain names, and event tickets. How does it work?

NFTs works on blockchain technology. Each NFT has the potential of several different applications due to its distinctive construction. A digital asset management platform is an ideal vehicle for digitally representing physical assets, such as real estate and artwork. In addition to removing intermediaries and connecting artists to audiences, NFTs can also serve as identity management platforms because they are built on blockchains.

How do NFTs Create value?

1. NFTs’ impact on the value chain

This is a key subject when discussing how NFT creates value. As a result of the NFT speed and convenience, the transfer of wealth has been revolutionized. No longer will you have to wait for days while your crypto-wealth slowly crosses borders! You just need one transaction to be able to send them anywhere in the whole planet.

2. The Goal Of the NFTs’

The goal of NFT is to cut out the middleman and speed up the transfer of value. People may now transfer assets directly amongst themselves without the need for a middleman like a stock exchange or broker. This emergence of NFTs’ has already had a positive impact on our society!

3. NFTs’ relevancy to marketers

Marketers greatly benefit from knowing how NFT creates value. The use of NFTs opens up a plethora of possibilities. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are usually seen as a way to store or exchange value NFTs will be useful and offer marketers who want to offer unique experiences around high-value objects in their portfolios a chance to do so They could provide more context for a current product, or they might even be able to replace it!

NFTs’ does not only create new experiences but also have the power to explore new and most significant new technology to emerge since the internet. Nevertheless , we are unquestionably at the beginning of this journey to understand what these currencies & crypto assets worth trillions of dollars signify in the real world.

4. Intellectual property as an NFT

As a direct result of the growing popularity of blockchain technology, there has been a huge surge in the number of innovative use cases and applications. NFTs are one example since they allow the creation of intellectual property and smart contracts on the physical assets utilizing permanent data spread throughout the code layer or product description of each individual item.

Blockchain technology will be critical in the future of luxury goods since it will allow companies to track the ownership of their items accurately. This is critical in protecting the intellectual property rights of enterprises selling these assets throughout the globe since it lets consumers know precisely where each item originated from and whether or not it is real.

5. Value of NFTs’ in the gaming industry

The gaming industry is highly interested in “How NFTs’ create value?.” Many creators choose to sell their games because of the difficulty of acquiring assets required for developing the game. As a result, NFT allows consumers to purchase or exchange digital commodities for the crypto tokens that have digital commodities for crypto tokens that have unique features, such as in gaming and fine art auctions, where scarcity is important.

The applications of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology extend well beyond the realm of video games. Nowadays, it is being used in a wide variety of industries, such as banking and asset management, as well as billion -dollar trading platforms (vi decentralized exchanges).

We at Abhiwan Technology, creates your dream NFT Marketplace where you can have your created NFTs’ could be sold and bought.

How to CREATE, BUY or SELL an NFT?

Create your own NFT!! Making your own NFT can be in the form of either a GIF or an image, it is a relatively straightforward process and doesn't require extensive knowledge of the crypto industry. NFT artwork can also be used to create collectibles like sets of digital trading cards.

  • Flow by Dapper Labs

  • Tron

  • EOS

  • Polkadot

  • Tezos

  • Cosmos

  • WAX

Each blockchain has its own separate NFT token standard, compatible wallet services and marketplaces.

For instance, if you make NFTs on top of the Binance Smart Chain, you will only be able to sell them on platforms that support Binance Smart Chain assets. This means you wouldn’t be able to sell them on something like VIV3 – a Flow blockchain-based marketplace – or OpenSea which is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace. Since Ethereum has the largest NFT ecosystem, here’s what you’ll need to make your own NFT artwork, music or video on the Ethereum blockchain:

  • An Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-721 (the Ethereum-based NFT token standard), such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet.

  • Enough Ether (ETH) to pay the gas fees. If you are using a Coinbase wallet you can buy ether from the platform with U.S. dollars, British pound sterling and other fiat currencies. Otherwise, you will need to purchase ether from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Now, Let us talk about how you can BUY an NFT. Before you rush to buy NFTs, there are four things you need to consider first:

  • What marketplace do you intend to buy the NFTs from?

  • What wallet do you need to download in order to connect with the platform and purchase NFTs?

  • Which cryptocurrency do you need to fund the wallet with in order to complete the sale?

  • Are the NFTs you want to buy being sold at a specific time, i.e. via a pack or art drop?

NFT Minting

An NFT is a blockchain-based token that proves ownership of a digital item such as images, video files, and even physical assets. In simple terms, Minting an NFT refers to converting digital files into crypto collections or digital assets stored on the blockchain.

The digital items or files will be stored in a decentralized database or distributed ledger and cannot be edited, modified, or deleted. Similar to fiat currency creation, when a manufacturer mints a physical coin, the process of uploading a specific item to the blockchain is known as minting.

What marketplace do you intend to buy the NFTs from?

Just how fast is the market growing? Research released in January 2022 from Emergen Research shows that the global NFT market size is expected to reach more than $3.5 trillion in 2030 - the market size reached $340 million in 2020, for comparison. Still, there have been multiple reports of theft and fraud. Fees and commissions vary widely, and the electricity needed to run the Ethereum network is a source of massive carbon emissions.

Keeping all that in mind, if you’re wondering where to get started, here’s a look at some marketplaces and what they offer buyers and sellers.

What wallet do you need to download in order to connect with the platform and purchase NFTs? If you're interested in collecting or investing in non-fungible tokens, you'll need an NFT wallet. An NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the blockchain protocol NFTs are built on. It also needs to support the currency you'll buy NFTs with, such as Ether (CRYPTO:ETH).

Since the vast majority of NFTs use the Ethereum blockchain, most Ethereum wallets will work. But some wallets stand out above the rest. Here's a summary of the best NFT wallets as well as what to look for when choosing one.

  • Metamask

  • Math Wallet

  • Alpha Wallet

  • Trust Wallet

  • Coinbase Wallet

Importance of using an NFT wallet

An NFT wallet doesn't work like a physical wallet. You don't actually store NFTs or cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Instead, it provides access to the assets, which are held on the blockchain. It does so by providing a private key to that address, which allows the wallet owner to authorize transactions. If you have the private key, you effectively own anything at that address.

A wallet will take care of all the technical bits for you and provide a nice user interface for buying, selling, and transferring NFTs or cryptocurrency. Moreover, it can also provide increased security with two-factor authentication, and it provides a convenient way to track your assets across devices.

Abhiwan Technology has also created two major NFT marketplaces:

Fabwelt NFT Marketplace

One of the most significant projects we're currently working on is the Fabwelt NFT MarketPlace.

Fabwelt creates a high-end gaming ecosystem and amplifies the fun with in game NFTs, Play to Earn and DEFI.A multi gaming ecosystem with various genres such as 3D First Person Shooter, Action-adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Fantasy and many more.

In game NFTs as assets, collectibles and strategic utilities bring back the fun of gaming on the Blockchain. Have fun with your friends and family while earning with our unique Play to Earn concept. It connects all our games in one, never seen before, digital reality. We call this the Gaming Verse. Powered by gamers, we provide the technology to have never-ending fun with features like Universal NFTs, digital cross-game Identity and Multi-Tiered Tournaments.

Well don't worry it has got some amazing features as well. Here they goes:

  • NFT Minting

  • NFT Listing

  • Two Networks -BSC/Polygon

  • NFT Auction

  • NFT Buy/Sell

  • NFT Swapping

  • Admin Panel