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Abhiwan Technology Presents

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"Unlock the doors of Game Development with Unity 3D"


What is CODETO ?

CODETO is a learning program designed for aspiring developers who want to learn Unity 3D, Full stack, Machine learning, Designing. The program offers various features such as learning fundamentals, hands-on projects, personal mentorship, and valid certification. The experienced instructors of the program can help you unlock your development potential .


The problem we faced while taking interviews of freshers:

  • They don’t know basic programming.

  • Lack of knowledge of technology.

  • They don’t know their field of interest.

  • They don’t know which field is better for them.

  • While after selection they face problems in adapting

  • the office culture.

  • Lack of confidence.

That’s why CodeTo is here, to help students with these
problems and train them to face any type of interview .​

CODETO Culture

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Terms and Conditions

  • Students can enroll in the program by filling out an online application form and submitting it along with a resume and short statement of purpose

  • The students should be regular.

  • To confirm, are you requesting that students attend classes from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

  • It is mandatory for students to wear a CODETO t-shirt on Saturdays. 

  • Students must have a laptop.

  • Selected students will be notified of their acceptance via email and will be required to complete enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1.What is the course about and what will I learn? Ans.This is a Unity 3D Development Course and you will learn about the basics to advance level of how to create games. ​ 2. What software and tools will be used in the course? Ans. The Unity 3D software is the primary software used in the CodeTo learning program. ​ 3. Will the course cover both 2D and 3D game development? Ans. Yes, we will cover both the topics. ​ 4. Will the course cover the latest version of Unity? Ans. Yes, it will cover the latest version of Unity. ​ 5. How long is the course and how often will classes be held? Ans. The course will be approximately of 2 to 2.5 months. ​ 6. Will the course provide any kind of certification? Ans. Yes, you will get a valid certificate after the course completion. ​ 7. Is there any support provided after completion of course? Ans. You can have a job assistance and chance to work on live projects. ​ 8. Will there be any projects in this course? Ans. Yes, You will work on projects like creating your own first game. ​ 9. Will this course be taught by industry professionals? Ans. Yes, it will be taught be industry professionals. ​ 10. Will this course be online or in-person? Ans. This course is completely taught in offline mode only, later on it will available on the online. ​ 11.Will this course be suitable for beginners? Ans. Yes, suitable for all levels. 12. Do you need to be a gamer for opting this course? Ans. No, we will teach you everything.

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